Sunday, August 12, 2007

Food for free

The blackbirds have stopped singing, the nights are drawing in and now blackberries are ripe - a sure sign of the coming autumn.

I made a delicious use of free blackberries (overgrown allotment plots are useful for something, at least): blackberry crumble cake. A basic sponge base (made with plain flour) dolloped into a 2lb loaf tin, around 200g of whole blackberries thrown on top, and then a generous amount of crumble mix on top of that. Bake and enjoy!

The recipe can be found on the link below, but it has the wrong temperature for baking, and some of the ingredient weights are a little bizarre - I followed the amounts for crumble from a cookery book rather than the weights stated here which seemed to have far too much butter for the amount of flour. Note to self: make again next year, and would also be excellent with raspberries instead.

Original recipe:

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