Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An exciting time of year...

...for planning.

It's the time of year for seed catalogues to start dropping through the letterbox.
Lots of planning to do. My husband will laugh at this, as there is still a pile of unopened seed packets sat on top of the microwave, collected through Spring and Summer. To be fair, I didn't buy any of these - they're all free from various magazines, most notably Garden News.

Still, shiny new catalogues with lots of bright new flowers and varieties of veg. A pleasant way to spend a wet autumn evening or weekend.

I've always found Thompson & Morgan to be excellent, but there are lots of other large companies, as well as smaller specialist companies. I like the look of the new Calendula 'Sherbert Fizz' T&M are showcasing this year:

It's cute!

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