Monday, September 04, 2006

The sad autumn song of the robin

Yesterday morning I heard the 'ticking' and melancholy song of the robin - a sure sign of impending misty Autumn days.

I like the changing of the seasons: the heavy dew on the spiders webs in the garden; the smell of rotting vegetation; dahlias and asters flowering; even the sudden disintegration of the tender perennials - castor oil plants in particular disintegrate almost instantaneously when the thermometer reaches frost levels.

The chilli plants have done very well this year; I've just used one to make a chile con carne. The only problem being how to gauge the hotness of the first chilli pepper of the season. Well, we'll find out tomorrow, when we will either reach for the tabasco sauce to spice things up a bit, or rush to the kitchen with mouths on fire.

The Royal Society of Chemistry has some interesting information on the chemistry of chilli peppers:

Still no sun to ripen the butternut squashes. We do, however, have an extraordinarily fine crop of slugs. It's a shame that they are not considered a gourmet's invertebrate like the oyster - we'd make a fortune! Slug egg caviar, anyone? I could be onto a winner!

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