Sunday, March 23, 2008

Peas, beans and roots

SomeBeans has been working hard digging the half plot over the past couple of weeks, giving me lots of planting space :)

The broad beans are looking neat and tidy (much to Somebeans' delight), but the spring cabbage which has been over-wintered has got damaged by devil pigeons, after the netting blew loose in the storms of the past few weeks.

I sowed some more broad beans last week (Bunyards Exhibition) and today planted:
  • Onion sets: 'Red Baron' and 'Stuttgart Giant'
  • Pea 'Douce Provence'
  • Carrot 'Flyaway' (supposedly carrot rootfly resistant)
  • Parsnip 'Imperial Crown'

It's still a bit too early/cold to be planting really, but I can always plant some more - I did a lot of seed sowing this time last year, but the spring was rather warmer (there's snow in some parts of the country today). I've not got any potatoes in yet, although the easter weekend is traditional potato planting time, I believe. However, with easter so early this year, I think it's safe to wait a week or two.