Saturday, April 07, 2012

First Pickings

Warning: baby bore alert! Leave now if easily bored by photos of small, wriggly creatures which aren't worms, lambs or slow worms.

Allotmenteering has been a limited activity over the past 9 weeks and, to be honest, for a little while before then - weeding on hands and knees is fine, but getting up to empty the weed bucket and then getting back down again was hard work with a big bump. Luckily, SomeBeans has stepped up to the mark and has been busy with trying to keep on top of things - he has dug (his usual role) but has also taken on the task of sowing and planting. It's not easy for him to get to grip with the concept that seeds don't instantly sprout once sown. Some of the plot will be kept under membrane this year, though.

In order to supervise locations for seed and potato planting, Thomas made his first trip to the plot yesterday. Hopefully our future trips as he gets older will not put him off growing for life, but will give him a love for (or at least tolerance of) gardening. So yesterday, Thomas oversaw his first harvest - it seems to have worn him out...


And to finish with some unremitting sentimentality, the song below has always made me a bit teary, and since Thomas was born it has the ability to cause a teary meltdown – a beautiful song which loses something when I sing it to Thomas.