Saturday, March 03, 2007

A good afternoon's work

Down the allotment today, with sunny and warm weather meaning that I was working in a T-shirt.
The warm winter means that weeds are growing well. I've had to fork through a bed to remove yet more couch grass roots - I'll gradually make my way through the other beds again over the next few weeks.

Just because I'm over-keen, I also planted some seeds:
  • Carrot 'Early Nantes' (free from a magazine) - 1 row
  • Spring Onion 'White Lisbon'
  • Leek 'Autumn King' (?)
  • Parsnip 'Avonresister', planted with radishes
  • a few broad bean plants which were over-wintered in the greenhouse.
  • Calendula 'Sherbert Fizz'
  • Nigella (seeds harvested from the front garden)

Progress on plants in the greenhouse:

  • the red-flowered broad beans are up, and a second sowing done
  • tomato 'Tumbler' are up
  • tomato 'Orange Banana' are up
  • several types of salad leaves have germinated
  • Rudbeckia have germinated
  • Cabbage 'Primo' is starting to germinate.

Spring has sprung!

It was also nice to chat to another lady down the allotment - she has been there for 8-9 years, and has 2 plots (one shared with her daughter) and has just taken on a very overgrown allotment next to them. She said that there is a vixen which omes to see her, for marmite sandwiches.

No photos of the plot, as I forgot to take the camera down. We may have some photos of hellebores to put up tomorrow, as we're off to Ness Botanic Gardens in the morning if the weather is OK.

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HappyMouffetard said...

Thank you Glickster. I think we've now got the idea that you are flogging hellebores.

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