Sunday, December 30, 2007


The new plot is now coming along nicely. I have planted up a soft fruit area now - I must take a photo of it, as I've actually managed to do it quite neatly (if I keep this up, I'll have to change the blog name to Elegant Gardener!).


  • 'Octavia' raspberries - we have some of these in the garden and they are excellent;
  • Blackcurrant 'Ben Sarek' (two of) - again, we have a bush of this in the garden; they are smaller than the average bush, and gave a wonderful yield this summer;
  • Redcurrant 'Redstart' (two of)
  • Whitecurrant 'White Versailles' (one of)
  • Jostaberry - these are a cross between blackcurrants and gooseberries. I've not eaten one, but they sound intriguing...
  • Gooseberries 'Hinnonmaki Red' and 'Hinnonmaki Yellow'.

Despite only having veg on the small half plot, we still managed to harvest parsnips and Brussels sprouts for the Christmas meal. Next step for the new year is planting broad beans, which I failed to do in late autumn, and continuing the digging and weed removal of the new plot.

The site is filling up gradually, which is good to see, although we've only seen one or two very hardy souls down there in the past couple of weeks. We have had some excellent views of the foxes, though - we only see them close up when we don't take the camera down!

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