Sunday, September 21, 2008

I did it!

Today, I took part in (and completed) a 10K run* to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Whilst all the UK garden bloggers have no doubt been enjoying the clorious weather today, I was swearing at the sun. It was hot work but a wonderful sight to see everyone running for one reason. A celebration of life, and an opportunity to remember those who lost their fight for life.


* run would be a generous description of my progress, but who cares!


Zoë said...

Went to Wisley today for a walk, and can only imagine it must have been a very uncomfortable day for running, so very well done you! Not as ambitious as your achievment, but I am contemplating a 5 K walk at RHS Wisley in October for similiar reasons, although for now I am still grounded.


Anonymous said...

Hi Happy, good for you, even in the heat. Hope you kept well hydrated! We have a run here in Knoxville that we participate in yearly. They have several options from 10k down to the one mile fun walk with lots of families with small children and older folks. It is a great event with many thousands of people there. The cancer survivors get pink number vests, the rest have white. We all get pink scarves and t shirts, which are highly collectible too. Running 10k is a great feat, many congrats for a good cause. (Yes, Zoe's name will be on my number tag too!)


Arabella Sock said...

Well done HappyM! At least you were outdoors and running for a great cause. We were supposed to be doing "jobs" today but decided to make the most of a glorious day to visit Sarah Raven's NGS open garden. No sign of Sarah or the boots but more than enough dahlias!

VP said...

Well done HM you made it!

And thanks very much for your extra donation and quiz entry :)

VP said...

PS I'm doing the Moonwalk next year - wish me luck :0

Victoria Summerley said...

Well done, and for such a good cause too. My husband and I have first-hand experience of the hope this research can provide, so many thanks from us both.

HappyMouffetard said...

Zoe - thank you

Frances - goos stuff and best of luck with your event in Knoxville.

Arabella - thank you. I shall look forward to reading about your visit to mad Sarah's.

VP - you're welcome. And best of luck with your moon walk. I've had a few friends do one of these, so may give it a go myself in the future.

Victoria, you're welcome.

I've been swearing I'll not do it again to everyone I've spoken to today, but secretly have a desire to do it again next year, only faster.

Julia said...

I'm only just catching up with everyone else's blogs at the moment. Very well done, HM. I've never made it beyond 5km, so I am full of admiration for you!