Saturday, February 07, 2009

Come Dine with Me

VP has come up with a meme which has required an awful lot of thought this evening.

Several guests have already been snaffled by other dinner party hosts this evening - my first thought was for Charles Darwin, but he's busy regaling VP with tales of the movements and habits of climbing plants.

My next thought was for Geoff Hamilton, but the Garden Monkey has got there first.

So, I then thought of the patron saint of guerilla gardeners - Ellen Willmott; being described as cantankerous, I'm sure she'd make an interesting dinner party guest.

I'm sure Bob Flowerdew would be a good laugh, as long as there were strict house rules on where he deposits his recycled cider. And it might be cheating slightly but I think David Attenborough might just be sneaked in - he has made programmes about plants, and has had a huge influence on my life - watching Life on Earth as a child opened my eyes to the natural wonders of the world.

Have to admit, it would be quite good fun to invite Alan Titchmarsh too. He may be a bit annoying at times, but his programmes have taught me a fair bit over the years, and it's always entertaining to see how his hair style changes. Not to mention his sideburns.

Not sure that I'd invite these two to dine with us though.

Thanks for exercising my brain this evening VP!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Get out the plastic seat covers for those last 2 guests! Ellen Willmott is a fantastic choice. She'd fit right in to a modern gathering.

VP said...

HM - so glad you've come out to play :D

I see 'Miss Wilmott's Ghost' has preceded me - expect plenty of unexpected plants in your garden next year ;)

I believe Bob will recycle his cider in your compost heap if requested to do so - he says that's the best place for it anyway.

As for the last two - I think they'll be staying firmly ensconced in Malmesbury for a while. They've had a fire in their greenhouse, so are trying to replace all their lost tropical plants that were overwintering there.

And I see you've had time to eavesdrop over at mine too!

Anonymous said...

Well the naked pair would have been a talking point. I'd like to have asked Miss Wilmott why her "Ghost" keeps dying in my garden (lol)

Rose said...

You piqued my interest with some of your guests; I don't know a lot of famous horticulture experts, so I had to check them out. I think your last two guests might be a bit distracting, not to mention appetite-spoiling:)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Dear Geoff would make my list too, Miss Wilmott sounds like fun and you'll have a few free and unexpected plants in your garden once she is gone. ;-)

Bob could be tied down with his own pigtail to his chair, that way you'll be sure he won't be distributing his very own brand of liquid fertilizer where it's not wanted.

Good thinking on not inviting those two, they'd probably ruin your appetite. ;-)