Monday, April 20, 2009

Right flower in the right place

Pernicious perennial weed?

Well, yes, perhaps it is.
But if you're stuck in a traffic jam at the M5/M6 junction*, it's a little ray of sunshine and a link with nature

(*Note: this photo was taken in the garden** - the Inelegant Gardener does not condone wandering around on the central reservations of motorways to take photos of dandelions).

(**Oops - I've just admitted to having a weedy garden).


Victoria Summerley said...

I've driven from London to West Wittering and back twice in the past three days (don't ask). I don't mind driving, but it was tiring and the thing that made it bearable was the sight of the English countryside in full spring regalia. I couldn't believe how many dandelions there seemed to be, growing along the verges. There were loads of bluebells too, and the last of the primroses. It seems to me that wild flowers are coming back in a big way, at least in the south of England.

Gail said...

Now here's how different our drives are! I looked out the window to see our only native cactus...It was beautiful! The bees appreciate dandelions, too! gail

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

I just wish they would not seed so prolifically...into my garden! My wild garden is full of them in spring. All sorts of birds and animals come to eat them.

Nutty Gnome said...

I reckon weeds are just flowers in the wrong place anyway - but then I've got lots of them in my garden, so I have to say that!!!

EB said...

The day after our wedding my husband and I drove back to London from Devon and stopped at a service station that had a large pond and wildlife area. There were dozens of dragonflies - it was amazing. Especially given the timing, I think I'll always remember it.

I love dandelions actually :) There are loads around just now too. One day I'll have a patch of grass left for them - but I dont' think they thrive so well if it's not mown, unlike the cuckoo-flower -they'd need separate enclosures!

kate smudges said...

I guess I've always liked dandelions because they are the first flowers I remember. There are few things as special as receiving a tattered handful of dandelions from a child.