Saturday, May 30, 2009

CSI Chester - updated

Hmmm. I've just cycled down to the allotment for a sunny afternoon of hoeing and weeding. And I've just returned - the site has been cordoned off with Crime Scene tape, and a nice police lady told me I couldn't go on there, and they weren't sure how long the tape would remain in place.

We were on the plot at around nine this morning, dropping off sweetcorn and French bean plants which I'd grown in the greenhouse. I was planning on planting them out this afternoon. The site next to ours had been taped off at this point, but not ours. SomeBeans took some photos, as we hadn't taken any for a while. I can only surmise that it's something rather more serious than the normal round of pilfering that goes on at our (and most other) allotment sites.
The chickens next door were unconcerned by the hoo-ha and only wanted to be fed worms.

Hopefully we'll be back on the plot before the birds get to these.

UPDATE: All was open this morning, although no-one knows what it was all about - all the police would say was that it was "an incident". I've planted the sweetcorn and beans, and SomeBeans discovered the joy of hoeing.


Anna said...

Oh dear HM - as you say sounds more serious than a bit of pilfering. Sorry to hear that your allotment plans have been scuppered. I spent the morning at mine before it got too hot for me. Hope that the beans and sweetcorn are ok until you are able to return. We had a similar scenario a couple of years ago, when a couple of youths where experimenting with home made bombs ! A big crater appeared in the approach road. No lottie access for some time but at least it was winter.

emmat said...

Yikes! I was going to do some jokes about bodies in freezers but actually that's a bit serious. hope you get back on there before long - things must be wilting in this heat, though I am counting on that rain we had midweek to keep my plants looking spry for a bit.

Arabella Sock said...

You must keep us informed as to what is going on I am so curious now.

Bay Area Tendrils said...

Sounds rather shocking. Do hope it turns out to be nothing too serious.
At my husband's allotment, vandalism is on the increase, with new locks & a bike stolen during the day when people are working in their gardens. This is unusual in our small town, although we are both quite familiar with crime: my husband having been raised in New York City and I in Chicago.
Still, we found an amusing bit in this week's community police log that I wanted to share:
"Suspicious Circumstances: Someone reported hearing fruit being picked from her tree a 12:35 a.m. It was determined to be a deer."

Joanne said...

Yes it does sound serious but talking of pilfering reminded me of when I had an allotment and there was a bit of pilfering going on.
I accompanied my daughters class on a school trip and as we walked past the allotments, a notoriously cheeky and naughty boy told me very proudly that that was where his Dad got the cabbages from. I said oh! does he have an allotment then. Oh no says the boy he climbs over the fence, said with such a cheeky grin on his face.

HappyMouffetard said...

Anna - no craters there this morning. beans and sweetcorn were very happy overnight.
Emma - perhaps Bob flowerdew has a few secrets in all his old freezers he keeps going on about?
Arabella - I'm still curious, but nothing about it on the local news, so hopefully not too gory.
Alice - ha ha! I've got a few suspicious slugs who are up to no good when my back is turned, not to mention the voles in the compost heap.
Joanne - you can't believe some people's cheek, can you?

Allotment now open and plants planted and well watered.

chaiselongue said...

How strange! So the police didn't dig your allotment over, then. Glad the plants were OK.

Anna said...

Mmmmm - the mystery deepens! Thanks for the update HM.