Saturday, June 06, 2009

The naming of names

If you watched any of the BBC coverage of Chelsea or if you saw Gardener's World last night (Friday), you would have seen Joe Swift clutching his namesake, Dahlia 'Joe Swift'. Elegant, understated, clean and crisp - the obvious name choice, really ;-).

Alan Titchmarsh has a whole garden named after him - a Dianthus, a Fuchsia, a Hosta, a lupin, a sweet pea and a rose. (However, not just plants are named after famous people).

Poor Alys Fowler doesn't yet have a plant named after her. So, what type of plant should be named after the lovely Alys? SomeBeans suggested a hop, perhaps because of this blog entry.


Unknown said...

I think that a Hop may be the right choice. Hadn't seen that blog entry before! Did make me laugh.

Alys may also appreciate a sunflower cultivar taking her name as she seems to be planting them on pretty much every GW program I watch. Or a plant that is easily propagated, perfect for the thrifty gardener!


Zoƫ said...

I'd name a rose for her, she's very 50s in her appearance, so something with the look of an HT, pink with coppery tones to match her hair and a light musky fragrance.

Helen/patientgardener said...

I would go for a calendula as she likes thrifty things and they are such thrifty plants - you only ever need to buy one packet.

Looking forward to seeing Mr Swift on Celebrity Masterchef this week