Sunday, July 05, 2009

A goulash soup moment

It's the time of year for lots of soft fruit. We've had about 5kg of strawberries in recent weeks. They're now coming to an end, to be replaced by the raspberries from the thicket in the back garden.

Most of these are eaten fresh, but last week I made some strawberry sorbet and two lots of strawberry puree ready to be incorporated into Delia Smith's strawberry cheesecake ice-cream.

This afternoon's toiling over a hot stove has been with the blackcurrants. I harvested around 2kg from the bush in the back garden (rather incongruous in the middle of a herbaceous border, but who cares!). I've made blackcurrant jam - as per VP's post (see point no. 12), it has been rather hot today. I also made the blackcurrant base for blackcurrant gin sauce - we've been rather remiss in gin restocking so the most important ingredient will have to be added at a later date.

Which brings me to the title of the blog. A 'goulash soup moment' is code chez Mouffetard for the moment when you realise you've over-filled the blender. And the kitchen becomes decorated with what they delightfully call 'spatter' in CSI. As the name suggests, the first product to be artfully sprayed over the kitchen was goulash soup - I was attempting to recreate the lovely soup we have had in the Alps. I assume that the mountain restaurants don't normally scrape it off the walls before they serve it. We still find the occasional orange spot in odd places in the kitchen. Well, the orange has now been joined by a (luckily smaller) eruption of bright purple from the blackcurrant sauce.

I shall be glad when the soft fruit season is over.


VP said...

Keep it up and you won't have to redecorate ;)

I made gooseberry jam last Monday when it was 30 degrees centigrade outside. I seem to be reliving that list in its entirity at the moment!

Val said...

I am now rushing off to pick blackcurrants. You have inspired me. Your desserts sound heavenly! Val

Karen - An Artists Garden said...


Nutty Gnome said...

Haha - I've never heard it called that before, but I've certainly done it!!!

I've just been picking raspberries and strawberries. The gooseberries and currants aren't quite there yet, but the jam making is going full pelt!

Joanne said...

I freeze surplus fruit and make jam when i can't garden because of inclemant weather it still makes good jam.

Martyn Cox said...

We still have splashes of purple over the kitchen ceiling from when I made beetroot soup for Christmas three years ago.

easygardener said...

Messy! Hope you didn't have white kitchen walls to start with.