Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Out on the Streets - December

VP over at Veg Plotting has been running a series of posts about public planting this year, with both her and other contributors showing what's been growing out on the streets in March, June and October. Now it's time for December's OOTS. VP beat me to showing you all the Christmas lights in Chester, but I can give an update on the public planting I looked at in June.

Chester has been nominated as a Cycle Demonstration Town, and so cycles have featured heavily in the planting this year. The planting scheme has been changed to winter plants recently, and these cycles in the grounds of Chester cathedral show a range of hardy plants.

They also have baskets planted up with some evergreens, and supplemented by cut branches.

Finally, something which technically wasn't Out on the street, but can currently be found at Ness Gardens. In 2008, Liverpool went Superlambananas as part of its celebrations as the City of Culture. Currently, Liverpool and the surrounding areas are hosting a colony of penguins. This horticultural chap was found at Ness Botanic Gardens.

With celery and sweetcorn cobs for feet, isn't the Grow Your Own penguin handsome!

Please visit VP's blog for links to many more December OOTS


VP said...

I have a picture of that bicycle too :) The greenery arrangements are new though and such a good idea - I'm surprised more towns/ churches don't do something similar.

I also found your bicycle roundabout when we were in Chester - I thought of you then!

I didn't know about the penguins when we went to Liverpool, but did find a few stray superlambanas. The Ness GYO penguin's a very fine looking fellow. Bath is going to have lots of lions next year apparently.

Thanks for all your OOTS contributions this year, they've been grand :)

Hope you and Somebeans have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

The Grow Your Own Penguin is wild - although I've long ago drawn a line against penguins as Christmas decorations. Call me pedantic, but the only Penguins near the North Pole are in zoos.

Helen/patientgardener said...

Loving the bike and penguins. Should be visiting Ness Gardens this summer when the Cottage garden Society has its AGM there - should be good

Anna said...

I went past Chester Cathedral this afternoon and was pleased to see a cycle still showing colour despite the weather. What a fine penguin - have seen a few in Liverpool but the Ness one is a superior creature :)

Charlotte Weychan said...

Happy Holidays and thanks for all those joyous blog posts in 2009!

Wendy said...

looks like fun! Love the idea of the use of cycles in interesting ways. I love theme stuff.

Unknown said...

Somehow I missed this post last week (in my defence, it wAS posted on my birthday. The penguins are absolutely fantastic. Now I want one for my house, never mind the middle of town. Marvelous!