Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snowy lazy photo blogging

The snowy view in our street yesterday. With temperatures of -8C last night, it looks the same this morning.

A porcupine stuck in the snow. Or perhaps the old head of an Allium schubertii

A camellia bud, patiently waiting for warmer weather and longer days.

The dead flower head of a Japanese anemone, sporting a rather attractive hat.

More dead plant bits - this time a cardoon head.


Poor Myrtle, stuck outside wearing a turban of snow.

Right. I'm bored of snow now. When's it going to be warm?


Unknown said...

What beautiful photos! It almost makes me want to be out in the snow......"almost" being the key word...

VP said...

Great photos :)

Sadly I'm confined indoors at the moment so can't go out and play. I might have to resort to yet another photo from the bedroom window later :(

Nutty Gnome said...

Lovely photos HM!
As someone who hates being cold and is a total wuss when chilly, it's a bit strange how addicted I am to snow!
As a confirmed snow lover I'm really enjoying the weather (and a 3rd snow day is an added bonus!)but I do understand your desire to be warm again!
Don't worry, it'll all go soon!

chaiselongue said...

Lovely photos! I don't envy you the low temperatures, though. I do like snow ... but only in other people's photos.

Joanne said...

So much nicer viewing them from indoors. Myrtle looks good with her snow turban.

Plant Mad Nige said...

Lovely pics, but I'm really getting sick of this weather.

Walked to the neighbouring village this afternoon and got caught by the heaviest snow shower ever. Got home soaked but so glad I lit the wood stove early today. Nice and toasty. Your pics have reminded me that it all can be really quite pretty - but best viewed from inside.

HappyMouffetard said...

Thanks for the comment, Tim. Yes, 'almost' is how I've felt about going out over the past few days.

VP - sorry to hear you're confined to quarters. Hope you're out and about again soon.

NG - I love the snow when we're on a skiing holiday but I'm afraid I see it as an enormous pain here. Can't wait for warm, wet weather to return.

Chaiselongue - I'd love some of your weather right now. It's way too cold.

Joanne, indoors is definitely the place to be. Poor Myrtle must wish she was indoors.

Nigel - I prefer the traditional British snow - lasts for a day and before you get sick of it, the rain comes and melts it all.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

You haven't even begun to experience the panoply of snow possibilities. You could take up snow sculpting, it's really incredible what can be made with snow. Or you could just stay warm inside and watch it blow around.

Anna said...

It looks like Myrtle is wearing a hat - sensible girl:)

easygardener said...

I haven't got tired of the snow yet as it makes outdoors look all sparkly and bright. What I'll be feeling if it lasts into next week is another matter.
Enjoy your weekend!

Shirley said...

LOL... couldn't agree with you more! I returned to last summer today... it was bliss for a while... until I looked out my window :-(

Have a great weekend... pop by for a summer visit if you'd like :-D

Wendy said...

oh, I love the allium schubertii. I had one planted and coming up beautifully when I think a late freeze killed it. Looks like it survives your snow though???