Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day August 2010

Ooops - I failed to take any photos for GBBD last month. This month, the grass is green and lush, having been lovingly watered by quite a lot of rain. This has meant that quite a few flowers are looking a bit battered.

Looking back at last year’s flowers, I’d say the garden is two or three weeks behind last year. Crocosmia are just starting to come out. The agapanthus are still in flower, when they’d gone over last year. The toad lily isn’t out yet. We’re also a little behind on two years ago. Aster ‘Monch’ is not yet out, and the Verbena hastata are still quite short and far away from flowering

The stalwarts which flower for months and months are doing us proud, though.

So what do we have? We have plenty of orange, we have some blue. Mostly orange though, to be honest.

IMG_6658 IMG_6629 IMG_6639 IMG_6640 IMG_6641 IMG_6655

Thanks, as always to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting GBBD. Please visit her blog to see what is flowering all over the world.


BernieH said...

Great photos ... showing some lovely blooms! The oranges are great.

Helen/patientgardener said...

Looking good, reminded me to go and check on my toad lily to see what it is up to

Joanne said...

Great photos and yes orange is popular at this time of year. My Agapanthus have nearly finnished as have my small crocosmia.

I have been tardy garden blogging recently rather busy feeding my Looking at Lyme blog but it seems to be doing well in raising awareness so very worthwhile if it helps others avoid getting sick with Lyme Disease.

Stopwatch Gardener said...

That helenium (?) is my fave of these excellent pics, followed by the crocosmia. My monch is out already, oddly. Happy bloom day!

Sheila Averbuch -- Stopwatch Gardener

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

I've tried toad lilies here in the past but they don't make it through the winter - I was tempted in the bargain part of a garden centre this week as they were selling some reduced as they had finished flowering. I'm kinda regreting not buying a pot.

Your garden has some lovely blooms out on display and still some to look forward to. I don't blame you being impatient for the aster to start blooming - that variety is a beauty.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

You can never have too much orange! Love it! Happy Bloom Day. :D

Send Flowers said...

Gorgeous photos! The colours are amazing!