Sunday, October 17, 2010

A taste of autumn in a spoon

I just wanted to tell you about the delicious soup I've just made.

Using one of the squashes I harvested last week, a couple of onions which have survived the summer rains and haven't succumbed to rot, half a red pepper I had hanging around in the fridge, some veg stock and some Chinese five spice, I've made soup.

I think some of my friends believe that soup-making takes hours of rendering and boiling, but the whole experience took 30 minutes, and 15 of that was me trying to skin the squash without removing a limb from myself.

The result? A rich, flavoursome, amber coloured soup which reaches down to warm you from the toes upwards. A taste of autumn in a spoon.


Anna said...

Mmmmmm ......... is there any left? I am only down the road :)

HappyMouffetard said...

I'm being good & saving the rest for work lunches, Anna - trying to be economical and not keep buying sandwiches :)

Plenty more squashes to experiment with though - I'm not sure what herb or spice flavour to try next. The 5 spice was very nice.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

I like chuck-it-all-in soups. I think the idea of cooking for ages is a throw back to bones and broth pots.

Unfortunately, I had a craze for five spice a while back and used it so much I can stand the stuff no longer!


Ellada said...

I love soup, it's so easy to make and your can put all the flavor of your garden.

benjiboy said...

Hi there! I've just made myself some too after your post made me go a bit drooly....yum yum...i've banged in a couple of chillies and it's super (soupa) fabalicious.
Kind regards