Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A poem

A poem by E.J. Thrip*,

So. Farewell then
Toby Buckland
The nation’s gardener.

The BBC have placed you
On TV’s compost heap

But you showed us all
How to tickle
The soil to hide your footsteps

It’s a shame that
The BBC see fit
To do the same to you.

*with a very large nod to E.J. Thribb.


Arabella Sock said...

Typical that just as Toby was becoming more interesting they get shot of him! Wouldn't be so bad if it was La Belle Beardshaw taking over...

HappyMouffetard said...

Beardibum the hebe killer??

Plant Mad Nige said...

How sweet - but how sad!

Brittany Girl said...

I'm really pleased to hear that Monty Don is returning to GW. Toby Buckland is a pleasant enough chap, but he's not Monty. With Monty you get real character and passion. His feel for garden produce and how to use it too is thought provoking. Well done this time, BBC!

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Great poem! Toby getting his marching orders reminds me of yet another football manager getting the boot mid season because management decided a change was needed. I'd become rather fond of Toby, who in his understated way was clearly a passionate gardener and a little less middle class than Monty. AS VP commented on her blog, this seems to be a step backwards rather than a leap forwards. Though I will enjoy nosing around Monty's patch...

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Perfectly pitched poem.