Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gardeners' World Live 2015 celebrity showdown

Thanks to Sally Nex, I was lucky enough to win a couple of free tickets to this year's Gardeners' World Live. I hadn't been since before Thomas was born, so it was a treat to go and have some time to wander around.

There'll no doubt be several blog post, but most of them will require some time and thought. In the mean time, I thought I'd pop up a few unflattering photos of celebrities I saw. One advantage of BBCGWLive is that you may well bump into Anne Swithinbank (I nearly did - we were both admiring the same stand in the plant marquee, and I suddenly realised who the lady in the marvellous hat was), but are unlikely to see Christopher Biggins, Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen or Ringo Starr. A real advantage, I'm sure you'll agree.

Like a scene out of 'Reservoir Dogs', but where they forgot to wear the matching suits.
James Alexander-Sinclair relaxes after talking thrust and droop.
No, missus, it was all about planting pots.

Anne Swithinbank (in aforementioned hat) practising her 'I'm a little teapot' stance.
Joe Swift, blissfully unaware of the 30 foot high doppelganger behind him.
The wonderful Carol Klein and Gardeners' World Magazine deputy editor David Hurrion have a face-off over who has the most floral attire. I think I've seen that suit somewhere before. On someone else (RHS Chelsea this year).
My day, possibly week, however was made by seeing Saint Mary of Berry. Whenever Thomas and I make cakes, he says "I'll just go and get Mary Berry" and fetches her baking book from the shelf.
I was star-struck (but not sufficiently to wait an hour to have a copy of her new book signed by her. Wish I had now).

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Anna said...

Oh it's a few years since I've been to GWL too although it's so much nearer to get to than Chelsea. I understand that this is the last year that the RHS will be involved which is a shame. Carol looks as if she is about to launch into a dance in that fabulous floral dress. Look forward to hearing more about the event.