Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year. New Thinking.

No resolutions. No revolutions. Not least because the whole bringing back candytuft thing didn't quite achieve the momentum hoped for. No looking back at all the things I didn't do so somehow I'll magically do them in 2017. No, not this year.

Instead, just a few quiet moments to contemplate what I have done this year. Not much, so it won't take too much of our time - mine to type and yours to read.

I'm pleased that I've managed to make the willow wigwam robust and shapely. I'm thinking of some fairy lights for summer evenings, to make it a place that's nice to sit. I've started to reclaim the front garden, which had matured a little too far, like a Stilton cheese that's gone from robust to rancid decay. I remembered to water the hanging basket and window box all summer. That's a big achievement for me. And we managed to grow some pretty impressive pumpkins considering they were in a pot.

Nothing amazing, just a few quiet victories. Why not spend a few moments being quietly pleased about something small you've achieved in your garden this year?

Happy New Year x

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