Sunday, June 25, 2023


For my own amusement, I thought I'd re-start the blog in a fitful way. I've missed writing now that I've finished my EdD. I'm trying to get to grips with moth identification a bit, having bought a cheapish moth trap last year. It's a 'cheap' (well, cheaper than the alternatives) trap from NHBS. 

We can now identify heart and darts, swallow-tailed moths, setaceous Hebrew characters - the names of moths are poetry rolling from the tongue.

Child likes to get up at 6am anyway, but on a mothing night, we gallop down the stairs to see what delights await us in the box. OK, so a plethora of micro moths doesn't exactly lead to an experience like opening presents on Christmas day, but there is one moth we've had a few times, which feels like opening the special, big Christmas present from  under the tree. Who'd have thought that khaki and fuchsia  pink would go together so well?

The hummingbird hawk moth is a stunner, and a placid creature, too, willing to be admired and posed. 

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