Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Floral and foliage fireworks

Although I probably say this about each of the seasons in turn, there isn't a finer time of year than early to mid summer. Young leaves still have the zing of youth, not yet maturing into the duller olive colours of late summer. Flowers are still enough of a delight after the long, dark winter to captivate you with their colours. By late July, the eyes have acclimatised to the saturation and delicious excess, and one can become blasé. But for now, there is still a thrill of excitement for each new bloom.

So, light the blue touch paper, but don't retire to a safe distance. Get up close, admire the floral fireworks. Listen to the wooshes, the fwings, and the booms, and don't be afraid to embrace the child within you and go "aaaaahhh" at the pretties...

Alchemilla mollis

Allium christophii


Young fig leaf

Self-sown foxglove



Self sown Love-in-a-mist

Note: the Inelegant Gardener can take no responsibility for any injuries if you don't follow the floral fireworks code.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures. It really is worth looking closely at plants.Some colours don't appear unless you are inches away.

Esther Montgomery said...

This was an apposite post.

Earlier today, I was thinking my garden has gone a bit over the top this year. I like restraint - but my roses are bursting their buds off and, although this is what they are meant to do (and I should be pleased) I was thinking (regretfully) that they are over-doing it rather.

And I was also reflecting on how I must, at the same time, make the most of them - because I have 'done my garden all wrong' in that, once June is over, there will be only leaves, not flowers.

Admittedly, this is, in the main, intentional - because I want it to feel cool in the summer heat - but it can be an anti-climax too.

So - your posting encourages me to embrace all this exuberance while it lasts instead of bemoaning it.

Tomorrow, I'll join in with some booms and bangs of my own.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I followed the floral fireworks code and the injuries were minimal;
ahhh and ohhh sooo beautiful! Fun aside, the closeups are great.

HappyMouffetard said...

Of course, the advantage with floral fireworks is that you don't have to lock the cats/dogs/babies/grannies away in case of terror.

Philip Bewley said...

I love the floral fireworks!

Melanie Chopay said...

Oh my, I don't know how you can call yourself inelegant with all those marvelous photographs.

Shirley said...

Hi there :-D

Fantastic photos! I've got the same sort of firework display going on in my garden at the moment. It's great time of year :-D

Have a good weeknd :-D