Sunday, June 22, 2008

A welcome visitor

The bullfinch. A plump and plumptious birdie with a breast the colour of strawberry sorbet, gorgeously contrasting with its coal black head. If Darwin had come up with his theory of evolution whilst studying the finches of the UK rather than the Galapagos, the bullfinch would have given him the perfect example of a seed eater's bill.

We've got three visiting our garden at the moment, two males and a female, preceded by their call of 'peep'. Although they have a bit of a reputation for nibbling fruit blossom, I'd rather have bullfinches than blossom. Although, as luck would have it, they seem to prefer the seed on the bird table than my apple blossom.


Anonymous said...

bullfinches are so beautiful

SomeBeans said...

They are rather lovely, we've had three on our bird feeder the past couple of days. A female and a couple of males, not sure whether one of the males is a juvenile...

I believe HappyMouffe is planning to write a little more on bullfinches.

Aki said...

The Japanese bullfinch is a gray bird. It is the first time that I watched such a beautiful red bullfinch.