Saturday, July 19, 2008

The hidden heart of the Dierama

Having missed out on blogger's bloom day, this is a bit of a belated celebration of some of the flowers in the garden at the moment. And because in my previous post I concentrated on blue, I thought I'd come over all girly and pink for this one.

Some of these were a bit of a cheat, being more on the mauve side of pink but make up for this by their innate flounciness.

As for the title of the post - well, it's amazing what you don't see unless you look very closely. I'd never noticed this before, until I started playing with the camera. It seems that Dierama doesn't wear its heart on its sleeve, but rather hides it away, making its discovery a real treat.

I'm now off to wheeze up mountains in the Lake District for a week, where the closest we will get to sun are probably some photos of sundews :)


VP said...

Lovely photos - it great how GBBD makes you take another look at plants you thought you know so well isn't it? That Dierama heart is a real discovery.

Have a great holiday :)

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Certainly great shots and lovely soft pinks, the inside of flowers are usually as spectacular as the outside if not even more so.
Enjoy your holiday I hope with lots of sunshine.

Catherine said...

Fantastic photography. Isn't Thalictrum a wonderful plant? So dancing and delicate. Enjoy the lakes. Hope it isn't too wet up there.