Thursday, December 04, 2008

Smiling Sky

I meant to write about this on Monday, when it happened, but didn't manage to get round to it. If you were lucky enough to have a clear sky on the 1st december, you may have looked up and seen a wonderful phenomenon.

Photograph by Gareth Edwards, from:

I didn't manage to get a photo, but the above photo shows it beautifully. Venus and Jupiter were in conjunction, and the cresent of the moon esclipsed Venus briefly. As I was driving home, it looked as though the moon had a tear, like the tear of a Pierrot in negative.

I wish I knew more about astronomy, but it makes my mind boggle when I start to think about the incredible distances, and even the thought that when you see a star, you're looking back into the past. Wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Happy, this was a wonderful sight. We had one clear night a little while ago and could see the line up, but not in the smiling face shown on the news here, that must have come later. I know nothing of the stars either, but am fascinated by these occurences too.


Gail said...

Pretty fantastic! I am so glad you posted this photo..we have had lots of clouds and only got to just see the whole moon effect briefly. There is a wondrous universe out there~~~gail

Lucy Corrander said...

I sort of wish I hadn't seen this photo because, despite a couple of sortis, we couldn't catch it for cloud.

Last night . . . things were already moved someway apart . . . but that too was disconcerting and impressive - the way the Universe ploughs on regardless of everything and, as you say, moves through these great distances.


VP said...

It was cloudy here too, so great to see you've posted about it!

Thanks HM.

Joanna said...

Lovely, I saw it briefly before the clouds spoilt the view ... and I've been enjoying seeing Jupiter and Venus together all week


Anonymous said...

Eclipses are magical. No matter that it is all easy to explain - it still looks unreal and the distances indescribable.

HappyMouffetard said...

I'm amazed that it was cloudy elsewhere in the UK. In Chester the sky was crystal clear, with a frost already well developed by 6:30pm.

I now consider myself doubly lucky to have seen it.