Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gardeners' World Live - flowers and gardens

(Please excuse me whislt I fume at BT wireless routers - I have been trying to upload photos to this post since Monday. Grrrr).

So, whilst mostly cooped up in a box the size of a small chicken coop, I did manage to go and investigate the floral marquee and most of the gardens.
Hostas featured large. Unfortunately, the hostas on display weren't the rare "lace hostas" that I cultivate, which have the unusual habit of having leaves liberally peppered with holes ;-)

These Iris ensata from Kelways were beautifully staged.

Carnivorous plants were popular - quite a few people seemed to be buying Sarracenia, such as this Sarracenia purpurea.

David Austin's stage was a delight for several senses (with only touch and taste missing out). This particular rose ('Mary Rose') had a fantastic scent.

The colours of the grasses in this display complemented the coppery water feature.

So many herbaceous perennials...

Poppy 'Ladybird'

The spikes of this Veronica reminded me of the way that cats and ring-tailed lemurs communicate with their tails - gentle kinks and subtle waving telling you exactly what they think of you.

Gardens, then...

The Gardeners' World shed and veg plot was reconstructed at the show, and there were talks throughout the week by presenters at the greenhouse there. My utmost respect to all the celebrities doing talks all week. Carol Klein, for example, went from one talk to another, and also took the time to answer people's questions as she went. JA-S was another busy soul, introducing all the celebrities on stage.

Veg were everywhere. This is 'New Life at No. 6' by Debbie Cooke.

The Stumpery-Bringing Dead Wood to Life’ – Garden Volunteers Walsall Arboretum

The Send A Cow garden won a silver medal. More details can be found here about the reasons behind their garden.

Detail from the 'Something in the Air' garden
This is the first time I've been to GWL, although as I was working I didn't have to pay (except with my soul). would I go again? Yes - if only for all the beautiful plants you can buy! But that's for another post.


Julia said...

Ah, you have lace hostas? I have skeleton ferns. I suspect they come from the same nursery... ;-)

Esther Montgomery said...

I'm really sorry. All these interesting plants and all I keep thinking is 'why is that fork and spade hung up outside that shed?'.


P.S. On further inspection, they seem to be stuck on. Curiouser and curiouser.

SomeBeans said...

@Esther - they're being used as door handles!

SomeBeans said...
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Helen/patientgardener said...

I really like the Iris ensata - saw one somewhere a while ago and its on my want list. Maybe I will have a look to see if kelways do mail order

Val said...

The photos were certainly worth waiting for! Lovely Iris's! Next year I shall have to grow some they look so elegant! Val

easygardener said...

As with looking around museums and art galleries there comes a point where you lose the will to live, no matter how wonderful the exhibits!
Tut tut..buying plants..and nowhere top put them I bet (unless they are tiny alpines of course). Of course you are probably more organised than me :-)

Joanne said...

Great photos thanks for sharing with us.

Anna said...

Enjoyed the tour. I am sure that I saw that coppery water feature a couple of years ago at Southport Flower Show :)

HappyMouffetard said...

Julia :) only the best!

Esther - Somebeans beat me to it. Twice.

PG and Valeri - gorgeous, aren't they? I'm sure they do mail order.

EG - I've decided to "tidy up" one bit of the front garden, so there is room for more plants!

Joanne - thank you.

anna - I'm sure you're right. I saw it at Malvern in the spring, too.

Glenn Jacob said...

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