Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out on the streets in June

VP over at Veg Plotting has her second 'Out on the Streets' meme on at the moment. The first one was in March, and now it's June (actually, very nearly July) and she has been asking for posts on public planting in our local areas.

Chester has recently become a Cycle Demonstration Town. This involves three years of funding to make Chester more cycle friendly and to encourage people onto their bikes. We tend to cycle in to town and down to the allotment anyway (we got used to cycling everywhere when we lived in Cambridge - by far the easiest way to get around that city). I have to say we have yet to see any evidence of the city becoming more cycling friendly!

I had noticed some silver painted bikes on the inner ring road a week or two back, and thought that they may be the sad sight of ghost bikes. But then they were planted up with pelargoniums and ivy. A planted figure in town on Saturday explained that the bikes were to promote the cycling demonstration town project.


VP said...

Hello HM! Bristol's a cycling demonstration city too and had loads of events for National Bike Week recently. I wonder if your street planting was done in time for that>

I love these street 'models'. Carrie's found a chucklesome fish one for OOTS and I still have to find my Salisbury dinosaur from last year. Bath usually has something too.

Seeing you featured a green man last time round it looks like flowersome men is becoming your theme for Out on the Streets ;)

Thanks for joining in again and I'll rework your comment over at mine so that people can hop over here directly.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

LOL preaching to the choir my dear as we all cycle everywhere here. Hope Chester will become much more bicycle friendly in the not too distant future! Love the planted up bicycles though, very spiffy. Have you seen my new hedge trimmer? Quite a neat little number. ;-)

Frances said...

Hi Happy, what a magnificent figure with his bicycle planted up and his robe is quite nice as well. No cycling here, except for folks in spandex and helmets going as fast as they can up and down the steep hills. Now as a child growing up in Oklahoma, the bicycle was the number one mode of transport.

Anna said...

I caught a glimpse of the man outside the library today when I was hot -footing it to catch the bus back home. I did get a good view of the bicycles on the way out though. Now I know what it was all about. Wish that I had read your post first :)

Bay Area Tendrils said...

What fun! Love that guy. We're lucky to be in an area where we can walk, or bike to do errands, movies, groceries, banking, hiking. In general, leaving behind our compact car.
Tom commutes by bike and it's actually difficult to get him into a car at times. I don't have the stamina, but he bikes into San Francisco once in a while for fun, and to experience crossing the Golden Gate Bridge that way.
Despite all the avid & many fanatical, bikers in our region, I can't imagine anything so whimsical or eye-catching would ever appear here.
These displays seem terribly British to my eye.
Do you see it connected to the carpet bedding tradition? I've seen large-scale artist designed bedding plantings at Waddesdon, where it did appear to be a contemporary spin on a Victorian tradition.

easygardener said...

We could do with more of that kind of thing on the streets especially if it raises a smile! I do like his cloak.

Karen said...

That plant sculpture is too hilarious! Never seen anything like it. Wonder if they plants will survive and be transplanted into ground at the end of the demo? I hope real signs of bike-friendliness appear soon and stick around. I live in Seattle where it is supposedly a good bike town but it's still pretty dangerous to contend with all the not-paying-attention drivers!