Saturday, April 03, 2010


I have quite a few hellebores. I read recently that, in English folklore, witches used hellebores to summon demons. Make of that what you will.
My favourite hellebore in the garden just has to be this one:
It reminds me of strawberry Cresta, which our next door neighbour sometimes used to give us when we were little. Delicious.

Now, must be off - I've got demons to summon.


Liz said...

Oh my, that Hellebore is wonderful!

I've never had Hellebores before this year, and I've never paid them much attention, but I'm gradually falling hook, line and sinker for them!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Hellebore are on the top of my list as favorites in my garden.
I can see why you like this one, it is lovely.

Rothschild Orchid said...

Gorgeous hellebore, all pink and freckly -I love it!

Demon summoning sounds intersting. Hope it went well?

Wishing you a very Happy Easter,

RO xxx

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

That is gorgeous. I love your hellebores so much I must make a proper effort to photograph mine before they go over. I have loads and am happy to be a witch but might leave the demon summoning to you. I have brooms to ride.

Frugilegus said...

I don't know Cresta, but it makes me think of berry ice-cream. If I tried to grow it, I'd definitely try to eat it.