Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day May 2010

It's the middle of May, and quite possibly the best time of year in the garden (though I am open to persuasion). So here's what's happening in the garden. Apologies for so many photos, but the flowers are beautiful and I wanted to capture something of them for when winter comes around again.

This perennial cornflower isn't quite out, but it's the best time to admire the feathered edges of the buds.I've written about my love for lilac before. I can put up with it not looking very exciting for most of the year, just for the couple of weeks of its scent.

Alliums aren't quite out here yet, but it won't be long before they burst out of their casings. Light the blue touchpaper and stand well back.

And now for the tulips. Shirl has been having a tulip photo fest, to which this is a late addition. The cold, mostly dry, weather has meant that the tulips have lasted quite some time this year. Hoorah!

My new, absolute favourite tulip - Angelique. I'm not normally a fan of flouncy, girly pink flowers (peonies being an exception) but Angelique is a beauty. Wow.

Antreciet is another beauty, with a gorgeous sheen to its petals. My photo just doesn't do its colour justice.

'Wendy Love' - grown in memory. This tulip brightens up the darker side of the back garden.

This mix of tulips is in the front garden.

Recreado is a nice dark colour and has come up year after year, despite being in wet Cheshire on not very nice soil. Not dug up, not given much attention - a real trooper.

Not sure what this one is - it looks quite like some bulbs that I know are 'Ballerina' but I can't remember what it is. (Note to self: make a note of the bulbs you buy and where you plant them!)
So, enough of the tulips, there are a fair few flowers in the shady border. The hellebores keep soldiering on but aren't at their best any more. But new stars are starting to shine...
I bought this sweetie at the Malvern Spring Show - Epimedium x youngianum 'Niveum'.

Still just about flowering is Epimedium x warleyense. Beautiful - its flowers cleverly colour co-ordinate with its foliage.

Ahhh, I saw some lovely Polygonatum at Malvern Show, which were sold out. Here's the 'bog standard' one, yet to be ravaged by sawfly.

I bought this little beauty (Cornus canadensis) at Arley Hall last year. It's so fresh.

I can't imagine that Dutchmen really have trousers like this, but perhaps Yolanda could comment on that?

And finally, my lawn isn't quite a perfect sward. But it is quite pretty...
Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, and she has some beautiful flowers out this May - the peony is gorgeous.


Northern Shade said...

I can see how Angelique jumped to the top of your tulip list, love those soft pink petal details. I've noticed this tulip on a few blogs this spring, and wished that I had noticed it at last Autumn's planting time. :)Both Epimediums are lovely.

My lilac is still at the tight bud stage. I tried sniffing it, but won't be able to get any perfume satisfaction for a bit yet.

Town Mouse said...

Love those tulips! Tulips need a decent frost in winter so I don't grow them. But then I see them and ahhh, aren't they amazing?

Happy bloom day

Gail said...

Happy, The cornflower looks like a sweet fairy king's crown! Your photos are so lovely...just perfect in fact. gail

Liz said...

Love the epimediums and daisies!

Lots of Tulips, I must be missing something because I've never really bothered with them. But I do love to see the darks with whites/creams...

Your combinations may just have managed to convert me.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your Tulips are just gorgeous!
I've started taking a photo of the spot I plant a bulb with the tag clearly visible on the ground so I don't have to worry about forgetting where something is, or what it is.

Helen at summerhouse said...

All really lovely photos! The Angelique is a particularly nice shot. Love the Polygonatum too.

chaiselongue said...

Definitely no need to apologise for these photos, especially the tulips, and especially that lovely red Antreciet, but they're all wonderful!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I'm a big lover of lilacs, too, though mine are mostly blue and purple. That's a gorgeous shade of pink. So many pretty things! Happy Bloom Day! :D

ConsciousGardener said...

Stunning photos. I blog-hoped over from the tulip-show, yours are amazing!

April is the showiest month in my garden...mucho south from you in zone 8b.

Love your blog!