Friday, May 14, 2010

Lovely things for the garden*

As well as plants, the Malvern Show is also an opportunity to spend money on many other nice things. Like this reptile head. I'm not sure how it would be integrated into a garden, but I like it. Perhaps it could poke out from behind a Fatsia, looking angry.

Detail of a ceramic snail

A whole wooden snail. Perhaps it would put the fear of god into lesser snails, leaving my Ligularias as something more attractive than a few stumps of stems.

Detail of a rusty flower
If the sun had been out, the light glowing through the glass would have been amazing. As it happens, it wasn't. But the sculpture still looked good.

I know that the world is a big place, and different people like different things, but are some people really attracted to 'hedgehogs' with Matrix style plug things and suffering what appears to be near terminal constipation?

* As Sarah Raven likes to describe things.


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

I like garden art and it is fun to have some unusual, sometimes wacky garden art. I do like the snail and the sculpture with the colourful glass sphere. I also like the little hedgehogs they are so cute in a wacky way.

VP said...

I loved all the lovely things on that lovely stand with the reptile's head. Sadly I didn't have much time to look elsewhere, so I'm glad you've put this post together :)

I would have liked more time to chat to you - thank goodness you helped me with taking the bags back to the car, else we'd have said even less!

Victoria Summerley said...

I like the rusty flowers. Until I saw the price: £4,500. Eeek!

ConsciousGardener said...

Amazing how yard art changes from region to region...