Monday, May 02, 2011

Health & Safety

A tale of ‘Elf ‘n Safety, not ‘gone mad’ – just gone.

So there I was, edging the lawn, with the nice sharp lawn edgers. In my slippers. Mules, to be precise. Although at least not these sort of mules. Or indeed these – for the health and safety of both myself and mule.

Not exactly RHS recommended PPE. Still, at least I wasn’t bare-footed – I’ve done that before. I do still have all my own toes, but they are rather short – though not due to any lawn-edging related accidents, I promise. Yet.


Gardener Gary said...

I know exactly where you're coming from. As a gardener, I've become accustomed to wearing steel toe cap boots in my work capacity. Although they have become more much more comfortable in recent years, I like to leave them at work to be honest. Mind you, when I do get to garden at home in normal (none safety) boots, am I able to work without care to foot safety? Not completely if I'm honest, but that doesn't stop me - I use common sense! I have heard of some nasty accidents with edging shears though.....

Arabella Sock said...

that is one very fine looking mule!