Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wordless Wednesday – Large and Small


Cornus canadensis


The Sage Butterfly said...

Lovely...beautiful! What is the tree in the first photo? Is that a variety of dogwood?

Esther Montgomery said...

I get people clicking through to Esther in the Garden

from here.

It stands in its own right (sometimes people start at the beginning and read right through to the end!) but I am not adding to it.

I'm not sure if you have left it in your sidebar because you are still recommending it (which would be very nice!) or because it's just . . sort of . . still there!

The two I add to now are

Esther's Boring Garden Blog


Esther's Garden Notes and Photos


HappyMouffetard said...

Hi Sage Butterfly - yes, they are both Cornus. The first is a cultivar of Cornus kousa (not sure which - the photo was taken at Ness Gardens), and the second the diminutive Cornus canadensis.

Hi Esther - good point. I haven't updated my links sidebar for ages. I shall do so anon.