Friday, September 29, 2006


Well at last! It seems as though the paperwork for the allotment will come through very shortly. Hopefully by Saturday. Even if it doesn't arrive tomorrow, hubby and I will go and do a bit of pre-emptive clearing this weekend anyway - stealth allotmenteering!

Lots of rubbish to pick up, lots of weeds (although some areas are covered with carpet). Still, little by little it will be claimed back and gradually tamed. And then... I can see in my mind's eye what the plot will look like, but hard graft and time will be needed.

In the garden at home, the chard is now growing well, (cultivar: 'Bright Lights'). It's an attractive plant, with the seeds coming up with a mix of stem colours (orange, red and yellow). The Verbena bonariensis are seeding like crazy, as are the forget-me-nots. Ruthless culling will take place in Spring, as I was a bit lax this year and the front garden was rather rampant.

After a rather stressful week at work with an Ofsted inspection, getting tired and dirty in the garden is called for.

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