Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Planning ahead

Yesterday I received a large cardboard box in the post. It contains the bulbs that I will be planting over the next month or two, for spring colour.

As well as the usual daffies and crocuses, I have found that miniature irises can really brighten up a pot or window box in the early spring. So this weekend (as well as peering at the allotment again...) I will be planning & planting the bulbs. The tulips, however, will be kept in a cool, dry place until November before being planted. This reduces the risk of them getting viruses. I always like to plant a few Tulip 'Wendy Love', in memory of my mum; they're a soft apricot and yellow - sounds strange but the colour goes very well with the bark and new leaves of a Japanese Acer in the back garden.

Bulbs are so easy to plant and give you something to look forward to over the dark, cold months of winter.

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