Saturday, September 02, 2006

Liquid Snow

The joy of the English weather...

Lush grass, sodden herbaceous border.

Still, an excellent start to my attempt at growing edible and ornamental plants together.

So many crab apples that a branch has snapped - note to self: make sure you thin them out in June next year.

Three apples on the brand new 'supercolumn' tree, and two on the cooking apple tree.

A huge harvest of at least 20 raspberries on the new canes; over 30 blackcurrants. And more courgettes than you can shake a stick at. If the weather Gods could give us three months of warm weather, I may even get a ripe butternut squash.

On the down side: snails & slugs galore on the red cabbages dotted about the garden. I've been using the excuse of specially bred 'lacy' cabbages.

Somehow 'liquid snow' sounds so much better than rain...

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