Thursday, September 21, 2006


Well, any day now I will get the signed agreement back from the council, stating that an allotment is mine for a year! I can't wait. I'm so bad at waiting that I have already bought some autumn planting asparagus. This will be delivered near the end of October, so I should have a bed prepared by then, with the help of half-term time off for good behaviour.

Autumn planted asparagus can be harvested very lightly in the first spring - perhaps one or two spears per plant in the first two years. However, after the second year, it can be harvested more heavily, until the longest day (my birthday! Give it a couple of years and my birthday will be celebrated by the last asparagus of the year - what a birthday present!).

I'm off to the Malvern Autumn Gardening Show this weekend - it's good to see the dahlia exhibits and the vegetables at this time of year. Perhaps the allotment paper will arrive over the weekend, so I can get started on growing my own...

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